Frequently Asked Questions

Who is our patient?
Neonatologists are Pediatricians that specialize in the care of high risk newborns. Our patient is the newborn and our professional inpatient hospital services are performed in the delivery room and in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), SCN (Special Care Nursery), and ICN (Intermediate Care Nursery).

Which insurance covers these newborn charges?
The Neonatologist’s charges are covered by the policy that the newborn has been added to as a covered dependent. Note: You must contact your insurance company to enroll a newborn (typically within 30 days of birth) in order for the newborn to be eligible for insurance benefits.

Are the Neonatologist’s charges included in the patient’s hospital bill?
No, we are not employees of the hospital and therefore our charges are separate from your hospital bill.

What is the general billing process used by DuPage Neonatology Associates?
As a courtesy to our patients and their parents, we will file a claim to the insurance provided to the hospital upon hospital admission and will mail a yellow informational copy of this insurance claim to the insured. After the insurance company has been given time to process the claim, we will issue a bill to the insured for any remaining outstanding balance.