Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
3815 Highland Avenue
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

Phone: (630) 275-5900
Website: Advocatehealth.com/gsam

Level 3 Birthing Center: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with multiple pediatric subspecialists.

Although all our physicians have privileges at each of our affiliated hospitals, the following physicians are the primary providers for this site:

Medical Director: Dr. Aaron Muller

Aaron Muller, MD

Elizabeth Boyle, MD
Elizabeth Boyle, MD
Zankhana Desai, MD
Zankhana Desai, MD
Michael Fitzgerald, MD
Zehra Rizvi, MD
Vibha Thaker, MD

Nurse Practitioner

Chelsea M. Cieslak, DNP
Chelsea Cieslak, DNP